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About Pujyasri Swamiji

Pujyasri Omkarananda Mahaswamigal was born in a Vaidika family Deeply rooted in tradition and culture, he adopted the Vedic lifestyle from an early age. An erudite scholar par excellence, he was a Ghanapati in his Purvashrama, well versed in both the Veda Purva Bhaga and Vedanta Shastra. His eloquence and mastery, both in Tamil and Sanskrit Scriptures, and his unassuming simplicity and compassionate approach touched the heart of thousands of devotees all around the world and also earned accolades and words of praise, from learned Pandits across the country.

Pujyasri Swamiji took Sannyasa Diksha from Pujyasri Swami Chidbhavananda, the founder of the Sri Ramakrishna Tapovanam, Thirupparaithurai. Pujyasri Swamiji studied Vedanta under Pujyasri Swami Paramarthananda, one of the foremost disciples of Pujyasri Swami Dayananda Saraswati, under whom he studied in depth the various Vedantic scriptures, in a traditional manner.

Words cannot describe the spontaneous compassion and the smile of Pujyasri Swamiji which made a devotee experience complete joy and divinity in his presence. Pujyasri Swamiji was “Life Personified”- living every moment to its fullest Divine Energy.


Pujyasri Swamiji’s Lakshyam is Peaceful Happiness to all and he emphasised a lot on purposeful and values based living , which he effortlessly demonstrated through his daily life.

Pujyasri Swamiji was an epitome of devotion-his Iswara Bhakti would get expressed through his natural rendition of various Divine Songs and Slokas - whether it be a Satsang or Sannidhi.


Teaching the Scriptures -whether it be Vedanta Sasthra or Tamil Scriptures, was an effortless and a natural expression and extension of Pujyasri Swamiji's divine inner self. It is a joy listening to and watching Pujyasri Swamiji unfold the most difficult Scriptural nuances with ease and spontaneity, sometimes explaining one Shloka for several classes, till every dimension is explored.

Through his eloquent discourses, Pujyasri Swamiji drives home the deep insights, of the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads, in such a simple manner, that a common person can comprehend them, with ease. He expounds the essence of some of the sacred texts in Tamil, such as Thevaram, Thiruvachakam, Thirumandiram, Thayumanavar’s hymns, Bharatiyar’s songs and Thirukkural, in particular All this made Pujyasri Swamiji an integral part of several thousands of families as their Mata, Pita, Guru, Bandhu …in fact a relationship which cannot be expressed in mere words.

Pujyasri Swamiji has established Swami Chidbhavananda Ashram in Vedapuri, Theni, Tamilnadu. Pujyasri Swamiji established Vedanta Sasthra Prachara Trust, with a core purpose of Sasthra Prachram to reach and teach seekers around the world on spiritual way of life. Seekers all around the world are now benefitting from his teaching - taught free to keen seekers Swamiji’s Lakshyam or Goal is “Peaceful Happiness for All, at All Times”. Pujyasri Swamiji’s emphasis is on Saamanya Dharmam, Swadharmanushthanam, Shastra Pracharam and Dharma Rakshanam.

Pujyasri Swamiji attained MahaSamadhi on 10 th May 2021 and Swamiji's Adhishtanam is consecrated, as per his wish, facing Adiguru Sri Prajna Dakshinamurti.

The Teaching Tradition continues both at the Ashram and through the online initiatives.

Pujyasri Swamiji’s Quotes

"Spiritual aspirants who study texts such as Gita are often mocked at, as ones who do not know the art of survival. But it is only those who study the Gita that can survive the sorrows and vagaries of life."
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