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About Ashramam

Swami Chidbhavananda Ashram was established by Pujyasri Swamiji in 1995 (Vedanta Sasthra Prachara Trust established in 1992) with a purpose of Vedanta Sasthra Pracharam and making the Ashram and Uttama Vishwa Vidyasthanam.

Set amidst the Serene Western Ghats as a backdrop and Surabhi Saraswati River flowing alongside, the Ashram is connected to Mother Nature and soaked in Divinity with Adiguru Sri Prajna Dakshinamurti adorning the Vidyapitam.

As Swamiji said,it is an ideal place for Chitta Shuddhi, Contemplation, meditation and prayers-all wrapped in inner leisure and divine connectivity.

Pujyasri Swamijis Adhishtanam is consecrated facing Adiguru Sri Prajna Dakshinamurti.  Gosala, Veda Patasala, Agni Global Classroom, Sri Bharati Tirtha Vidyarthi Vilasaha (for stay), and Annalakshmi (for food) are located within the Ashram.

Very hygienic, comfortable accommodation and food is provided to the devotees desirous of staying in Ashram.

Pujyasri Swamiji’s Quotes

"Spiritual aspirants who study texts such as Gita are often mocked at, as ones who do not know the art of survival. But it is only those who study the Gita that can survive the sorrows and vagaries of life."
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